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Submitted by luxian on Thu, 11/23/2017 - 14:30

My last pair of bluetooth headphones broke and I just bought myself a pair of Apple AirPods. Here are some thoughts regarding this.

First, the pair that broke was Morul U5 Plus. I paid for them $35 more than a year ago. They are waterproof. The sound was ok. The bass was lacking a little bit (for my taste), but they fit well in the ear (good seal with the ear) and compensate for it with that.

Sound quality: after a few hours with the AirPods I can say the sound it's not way better than that. They have a little bit more bass, but they lack volume compare the Morul headsets. I think the main problem with AirPods sound comes from the fact that they don't fit perfect - they don't seal the ear - so a lot of sound is lost despite having better drivers (I assume they have better drivers).

Battery life: AirPods offer 5 hours of listening time with one charge, and you can charge them with the case for 15 minutes and get another hour. Morul headsets offered about the same initially, but then the battery started to get old and lately I was getting around 2 hours of listening before they died (barely covering a trip to the gym). And, on top of that I had to make sure to charge them before leaving, otherwise I will get even less. I suspect this might also be caused by some other electrical problem inside them, but nevertheless I would expect AirPods to maintain that battery life better.

Convenience: Compared to other headphones, AirPods have no cables in-between. They are truly wireless. You can find other headsets that are like that, but most of them are bulky.

Morul had a cable with a remote on it and the cable and the remote were thin enough to not bother me much. But even thin - the cable was a problem when running. Sweat will make the right earpiece fall because of the remote weight it was heavier than the left one. In the gym, while doing barbell squats I had to run the cable under my chin, otherwise I might pull it by accident with bar. AirPods don't have that issue.

Also lack of cable means you don't have anything that can get tangled, but the risk is that you might easily lose them. But I'm ok with that. Also, I like the case that you get with them. I think it's awesome.


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