Bye bye Nylas! Hello again Thunderbird!

Submitted by luxian on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 20:51

I'm not sure when I started using Nylas N1, but I think it was almost a year ago. It started as a very promising project. It has all the features I need:

  • multi platform (Windows, OS X, Linux)
  • snooze function (as a free service)
  • nice interface

I switched to it immediately after Mailbox was shut down by Dropbox. The snooze functionality was - and still is - a very cool and useful feature. But until now - no one figured it out how can this be implemented as a free service/mail client. Keeping servers up and running to move emails around is apparently very expensive. Dropbox couldn't afford it and Nylas either. 

The latest changes from Nylas started to remind me about Mailbox. The hype passed and now to company behind it works hard to come up with a business model around it. They switched to a subscription model, which in my opinion is a good decision, but I think the prices are too big. 

$9 per month is too much for a good looking mail client. It doesn't bring much more than the web interface. It doesn't have a mobile app (I hope they don't try to port the Electron app) and doesn't sync your accounts around devices like Mailbox had. I appreciate them for keeping it open source (in theory you can still run it for free if you compile it yourself and run it on your own server).

Maybe we are not ready yet for good email clients if we still need to run them in the cloud. Maybe we have to wait until mail servers like Google Mail/Inbox or Outlook 365 come up with an API that support Snooze/Delay functionality.