I really considered an LG phone, but...

Submitted by luxian on Mon, 02/26/2018 - 22:56

As a owner of an LG G4 (retired phone), it was disappointing to see company evolution in the recent years.

First, they didn't want to release Android 7 update for G4 and V10. That means the phones got only one year of software updates. Half of what you usually expect from every other big player. To make matters worse, they change their mind and said they will bring Android 7 (Nougat) update, but phone performance will probably degrade. It's almost a year since they promised the upgrade and they haven't release anything. So probably it's never gonna happen.

Then, they failed with the G5, which had a very bad display and a modular design that made the whole phone to look cheap. G6 was better, but still didn't manage to make a difference and now the LG V30 almost got phone of the year award, if it wasn't for the display issue which affected even Google Pixel phones.

I don't know what's happening - but they are definitely doing something wrong. Until they fix this I will not buy any phone from them, nor do I recommend them to friends.